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Shop Keeper
Sam Habiel


The 'lumber' in the Hardhats 'Lumber Shop' is the software scaffolding that supports all VISTA applications.  The Kernel system permits any VISTA software application to run without modification to its base structure no matter what hardware or software vendor the application was built on. 

The Kernel contains a number of building management supplies which assemble its foundation. These include: device, menu, programming, operations, security/auditing, task, user, and system management. Its framework provides a structurally sound computing environment that permits controlled user access, menus for choosing various computing activities, the ability to schedule tasks, application development tools, and numerous other management and operation tools.

Kernel is available from the Department of Veterans Affairs under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Also, the Hardhats provides a pre-configured Kernel dataset for Intersystems' Cache.


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