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User Introduction

Kernel provides the access and verify code system to establish user log-on to the VISTA computer system. These codes identify you to the computing system and also serve as a mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Your access code establishes your unique identity and the verify code corroborates your identity. Once you have signed onto the system, Kernel provides you with menus that were established for you by the system manager of your organization. From your menu, you can run any application the systems manager has made available to you.

Programmer Introduction

Kernel provides programmers with a number of supplies that let you create applications that are fully integrated with Kernel and that take advantage of Kernel's features. These materials include application programmer interfaces (APIs) and utilities that take advantage of the many features of the Kernel.

System Manager Introduction

Kernel provides the system manager with management tools to provided a secure, multi-user M-based computer system. It provides a mechanism to organize M programs as menu options and a way to organize those options into a menu system for users. Kernel provides the following system management tools:

*Sign-On Security - organizes users and allows secure log-ons.
*File Access Security - manages access to VA Fileman databases.
*Alerts - provides an integrated notification system.
*Menu Management - tools to create and manage menus and options.
*Device Managment - provides an interface to output devices.
*Task Management - mechanism for queueing and scheduling jobs.
*Kernel's Toolkit - set of robust tools to aid in VISTA development.
*KIDS (Kernel Installation & Distribution System) - provides a package distribution and installation system.

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