Device Management

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Device Handler

Device Handler is a common interface used by all VISTA applications to send output to printers and other output devices. The Device Handler stores all device information in a central area where it can be referenced from all associated accounts.

Devices provide a means for communicating with your computer system. Before a system can recognize a particular device, it must be defined in Kernel. Device file contains many fields to store specific information about the different input and output devices. The Device Handler provides many tools to facilitate the creation and editing of devices. Once you become familiar with Device Handler, you can make use of some of its special features such as queuing, selecting a special printer, specifying a right and left margin or designating page length.

Programmer API's

Device Handler provides many API callable entry points for using output devices. These tools provide a means for accessing the characteristics of an output device and a way to properly open and close devices using a standard user interface.

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