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Greg Kreis

This page introduces the many different ways to implement a VISTA based application. We will be discussing User Interfaces, Communications, etc. This is where some of the most exciting technological things are happening in VISTA.

What features do you need in order for VISTA to meet your client/server needs? Please feel free to tell us about it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

RPC Broker
The RPC Broker and FileMan Components represent a great leap for VISTA software's user interface.  VISTA has been reinvigorated going into the next century by linking its robust, economical and fast database to client applications through TCP/IP.  The VA is already collecting ideas for enhancements to the RPC Broker that might extend the variety of supported graphical user interfaces to include browsers, Java applets or applications, etc.

The 32-bit RPC Broker has been released on the latest FOIA media. Extracted from the media, this handsome collection of pages developed by the webmasters at the SFO CIOFO reveal the RPC Broker's many features.  (Due to storage limitations at the Hardhats web site, we carry an abbreviated version. However, everything that is essential for its operation is available for download.)

To run the Broker you will need to have installed Kernel 8.0, including patches XU*8*59 SEQ#51 and XU*8*70 SEQ #52. (Detailed instructions on how to install these patches is forthcoming.).  Also, you may find it helpful to review the tips of other Hardhats who have installed the Broker.

The RPC Broker is the foundation of a powerful set of RAD Delphi and Java components called FixIT, developed at the University of Kuopio in Finland. Learn more about this free developers environment and your VistA applications will never be the same again.

Java and Distributed Objects are getting a lot of attention. Bob Yacobucci, who works for the VA, has been doing some very exciting R&D in multi-tier systems using a CORBA-compliant ORB, Java and Broker's client-side DLL. Come checkout the presentation which he crafted.

Delphi Aids
Visit this page for software to help you increase your productivity and fun.

VB, Cache and SQL
As an alternative to the RPC Broker approach, some M vendors offer SQL front-ends to their databases that can be used, with Visual Basic and special M linkages, to build a GUI application.  The following example does not use Vista software, but does illustrates the linkages that are required.

Dynamic Forms/Frames
Thin client holds many potential benefits in a Vista environment, but how do you get there with Delphi?  Check out this early start.

Mailman Enhancements
The Mailman application quickly became a powerful, integrated information distribution system for Vista. This page defines some of the enhancements that have been developed to help Mailman provide services in all new ways.

Related Links
The following links relate to implementing client/server or web user interfaces with VistA's Infrastructure.

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