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Greg Kreis

Delphi was chosen by the VA to build the client GUIs for the client/server architecture that uses the RPC Broker. This page presents a number of aids and tools that will assist in developing Delphi GUIs.

Delphi Productivity Tool
You should know about GExperts, a set of freeware utilities to greatly enhance productivity while working in the Delphi IDE.

Can't function without it
If you are a long time MUMPS programmer who is now writing Object Pascal code in Delphi, you may soon miss those familiar MUMPS functions.  Have no fear, Michael Brutsch is here.  Michael has made his Delphi 3.0 unit available, including a demo of the functions that you can now have in Delphi.  Such favorites as,

  • $Piece (set and get)
  • $Find
  • $Extract (1 and 2 arguments)
  • $Length (1 and 2 arguments)
  • $TRanslate
  • $Justify (actually, expanded into LeftJustify and RightJustify)

The download contains the unit code, code for a sample use of the unit and a compiled version for execution testing. (As always, this software does not come with a warranty - the user accepts all responsibility for the results.)

FixIT RAD tool
For those using the Delphi IDE, the Finnish Hardhats have created an outstanding set of Delphi components and wizards to speed up development of Windows GUIs for VistA applications.  Learn more.

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