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The Hardhats in Finland have good reason to be proud.  They have been busily preparing some powerful, mature RAD tools that make creating a GUI for VistA-based apps a fun activity that pleases users and developers alike. The FixIT RAD tool was first available for Delphi and has been joined in 2000 with a Java version, providing support for a wide range of client platforms. In either case, FixIT uses the standard VistA RPC Broker to access a VistA server.

Most fortunately for the Hardhats community, they have graciously made these tools available for our use.  The official FixIT support page provides access to the downloads, license terms, a mailing list and information about the efforts to modernize VistA installations in Finland. (For the curious, read the history of Fileman in Finland, the MUSTI Consortium).

Delphi FixIT
Check out this screen capture of the FixIT demo that accesses the demo files pre-installed on the Diamond installation. Once you have taken this demo for a spin, you will see the tremendous potential of FixIT and the RPC Broker to give your VistA applications a first class makeover.

Download Windows demo - to use this demo you must have:

  • Windows 95/98/NT
  • Installed RPC Broker 1.1on the client PC
  • Installed Diamond 2.0 server or better
    Installed the FixIT demo's KIDs distribution on your M server
  • Started RPC Broker listener on server port 9200
  • Have 'brokerserver' alias in your HOSTS file.  (This is not a FixIT specific request. The VA has established 'brokerserver' as a default name for a local VistA server.)


Java FixIT
We will be providing details on this soon...


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