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The Hardhats community serves itself and others by working on projects that supplement the software and documentation available in VistA. The following projects are a result of many hours of effort by volunteers. Enjoy the fruit of their labors and consider returning the favor by working on these and future projects.

Installing VistA

This documentation project presents chapters in a list of steps for installing VistA's Platinum* account on Graystone Technology Mumps (GT.M)/YottaDB or Intersystems Caché MUMPS server, to the point of the functioning Broker.

These instructions were updated in 2016, 2018 and 2021. OSEHRA has funded a part of the update. The old instructions (2004-2006) have been left here for reference.

New Instructions (2016-2021)

If you will use Caché, follow step 1 and then step 4 and following. If you have GT.M/YottaDB follow steps 2 and following.

New instructions written and edited by Sam Habiel. Other authors whose work was copied and edited are noted at the top of each document.

  1. Install Caché and VistA on Caché
  2. Install GT.M or YottaDB
  3. Install VistA on GT.M or YottaDB
  4. Configure VistA
  5. Set-up Clinics
  6. Set-up MAS Parameters
  7. Set-up Ward Parameters
  8. Admit Patients to Hospital
  9. Update your VistA System with the latest patches
  10. Set-up HL7 Messages from and to VistA

If you find any mistakes, you can fix them by forking, making the correction, and then sending in a pull request.

Old Instructions (2004-2006)

Original Instructions written and edited by Nancy Anthracite and Fil Beza

* Platinum is the complete installation of fully patched VistA clinical applications (that can be released via the Freedom of Information Act).


The Diamond download is a MUMPS account that has been pre-installed with the VistA Infrastructure (Fileman, Kernel, etc.) along with some useful tools, such as VPE. While it is not the complete the installation of VistA clinical applications, it is useful for learning the VistA Infrastructure and developing applications. Don't think that these applications must be clinical. The Infrastructure is useful for any database applications (shipping, inventory, sales management, etc.)

Automated Patching

This project has started with objectives and specifications, but so far has not generated enough interest for a team to take it on.



This page last updated in May 2021.

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