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This page contains links to resources of potential interest to Vista/M users. Non-profit organizations may request to be listed here. There is no fee. However, Hardhats would appreciate a reciprocal link from your site. Hardhats reserves the right to accept or reject any link request. We believe the links on this page are relevant to the community of interest. However, inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement by Hardhats.

VistA Links

Links we know of that are specifically related to VistA.

VA VistA Monograph
The VA's collection of VistA software monographs. Each monograph provides a brief overview and list of features for its VistA software component.

VA's VistA Documentation Library
The VA's own documentation made available from a very well done page. 

A non-profit group dedicated to the open-source approach to the further development of the VistA suite of healthcare software.

Hardhats Programmer Tools
Our own collection of tools, including the must-use Victory Programming Environment (VPE) by David Bolduc.

VistA Hardhats
The VistA files available on SourceForge.

DSS Inc.
Installation and support of VistA technology.

Installation and support of VistA technology.

Oleen Healthcare Information Management, Inc.
Provides implementation, training and support of VistA.

Pioneer Data Systems, Inc.
Provides training and consulting for VistA's Infrastructure. (Fileman, Kernel, etc)

Sea Island Systems, Inc.
Develops custom computer software based on Fileman, Kernel, Vista and M.

Strategic Reporting Systems
Provides the M Data Extractor (MDE), a tool to extract data from FileMan-based systems like VistA.


We have a separate page for our many MUMPS links. Click here for this page.

Other Related Links is a community gathering place where healthcare administrators, clinicians, developers and enthusiasts can interact, share, and collaborate in the largest ecosystem in healthcare.

Indian Health Services
Their Resource Patient Management System (RPMS) is based on VistA

Generic XML Interface for MUMPS and VA Fileman Databases
An Art Smith Term Project.

Open Source Health Care Alliance
An organization promoting and facilitating open source software in human and veterinary healthcare.

Hardhat's List of VistA Adopters
Our list of organizations from around the world making good use of VistA.


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