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VISTA Adopters Worldwide


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  • Veterinary Teaching Hospital, UC Davis
  • Eastern  State Hospital, Washington 
  • Western State Hospital, Washington
  • Group Health Northwest
  • The Software Revolution, Inc, Kirkland, WA
  • Alaska Clinic, LLC,  Wasilla AK
  • State Hospital North, Orofino, Idaho
  • State Hospital South, Blackfoot, Idaho
  • Minnesota Department of Health


  • Government hospitals in Bogota, Colombia 
  • SKM Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Pakistan



If your organization is using the VISTA software (Fileman, Kernel, etc.) and you are not on the list above, or if we may add a link to you, please contact George Timson.  We want to build a comprehensive database of active VISTA users to foster co-operation between them, and to help increase participation in Hardhats.Org.