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Information on M Technology abounds on the Internet. But some of it has fallen by the wayside - too many dead links. We are attempting to sort though all that information to provide a comprehensive set of jumping off points.

If we've missed anything or anyone, please email us at webmaster@hardhats.org.

Disclaimer: The listing of these products and services is not meant as an endorsement by Hardhats.

M Implementors

Creators of the OpenM and Caché M's, and current owners of DSM, MSM and Datatree M. DSM and Caché are currently used by the VA to run their VistA software. Download free, single-user version of Caché for Windows or Linux and get Caché documentation here. You can also get MSM Workstation here.

GT.M (Greystone MUMPS)
A Sanchez Computer Associates Inc. product used as the basis of their banking applications. Sanchez has made a free, multi-user, open-source version of GT.M for the x86 Linux platform available here on SourceForge. (It will run VistA.)

PFCS Corporation

Patterson, Gray & Associates
A beta test version of their M3-Lite is avaliable. Also, many of their "TK" legacy products are available for free.

Unix and Linux MUMPS. Version 1.40 is available at mumps.sourceforge.net.

Unix and Linux MUMPS

MUMPS/M Compiler
Kevin O'Kane's M to C compiler.

3rd-Party M Software and Services

AudioCARE Systems
Telephone and Web-based patient information delivery systems. (Formerly MUMPS AudioFax.)

Connections Group, Ltd
M training.

Forest Software Ltd
M systems design and training.

Fourth Watch
Installation, hosting, monitoring and maintenance of M systems.

George James Software
The home of Serenji, a debugging tool and other M tools. Check their Support Center for help in using MSM-Workstation!

Jacquard Systems Research
Consulting and re-engineering services.

Knowledge Based Systems
Provides SQL and ODBC to most versions of M through their KB_SQL product. (Note the LB_SQL Users Community site below.)

M Link
Client/server interface with M on the server.

M/Gateway Developments Ltd.
Tools for using M with the Web, and consulting services.

Oleen Healthcare Information Management, Inc.
Provides implementation, training and support of VistA.

Pioneer Data Systems
Training and consulting services.

Sea Island Systems Inc.
Custom software, including healthcare systems and laboratory interfaces, using M and Delphi. Download their free routine and global utilites here.

M and FM v21 for free
Download this free version of M that has been pre-configured to run File Manager v21. Dave Whitten, a fellow Hardhat, created it with MSM Workstation, so it is limited to a single user. Check out the readme.txt for details.

M Resources

Cache Info Source
Check out the M Web Magazine. It hasn't been updated in a long while, but your curiosity will still be rewarded.

CAMTA - M Technology Association - UK & Ireland

comp.lang.mumps - Newsgroup archive at Google

FreeM Project
Information can also be found here at the Free MUMPS Project

Generic Universal MUMPS (GUM) files - Check out the readme and FAQ files first. Information can also be found here

Hardhats.Org - (You're here!)

Henry Elliott & Company
Specializes in the placement of M and Caché professionals.

KB_SQL Community Site
A Web site much like Hardhats - for KB_SQL users to gather, share and help each other.

M Technology Resource Center (MTRC)

M User Group Deutschland

M[UMPS] by Example

MHTTP 1.2 MUMPS Web Server

MUMPS Guest Book

New England M Users' Group

UC Davis Vet Med Web Server

Newsgroups/Mailing Lists

  comp.lang.mumps (click here for the comp.lang.mumps newsgroup FAQ)

  Hardhats - Don't forget us!


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