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Welcome to a web site dedicated to fostering a virtual community for the worldwide users of the VISTA software!

VistA is the comprehensive suite of patient-care software developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs over the past 35 years, and now used by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, in and outside of the VA.  At VistA's very core, represented by the shops on the left, you have all the tools and materials you need to build an economical, efficient, scaleable and integrated system. Add the VistA applications and you have a complete healthcare system.

Are you interested, but new to VistA? Read about Hardhats, VistA and DHCP.  Do you already know a little about VistA and want to learn more? Read on.

News and Recent Events    (reverse chronological order)

    Upcoming OSEHRA Open Source Summit: September 3-5, 2014   

     June, 2014:  DSS announces partnership with VISTA Expertise Network to offer a VistA-oriented "learning management system" via the DSS Hub.

    Even in the midst of VA's 2014 scandal, a long-time VA physician who blew the whistle mentions in his New York Times piece VA's "excellent  computerized records system that is second to none in transferring clinical information from facility to facility across the nation."

     Indian Health Services, Medsphere, DSS, and WorldVistA all make strides in getting "stage 2" certification for ACA "Meaningful Use".

     Hardhats.org has a new host, as of 1 January 2014.  Thanks to Larry (Gus) Landis for his hard work and generosity in serving up the content you're looking at right now.

     A beta release of newest FileMan code (2013) is available.  VA-funded "FLAP" project continues in fits and starts.

    VistA is recognized as one of the oldest, still significant open source projects - A ZDNET article from 2013 places VistA in good company!

    WorldVista continues to support open-source VistA around the world.  WorldVistA has been developing a "VA-free" version of VistA since 2002.  Its latest (2013) release can be found on SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/worldvista.

    OSEHRA supports VistA  --  The "OpenSource Elecronic Health Record Alliance" is a new (2012) player in VistA promotion.

Learning More...

First, don't make the mistake of thinking VistA is an all or nothing proposition.   It is a very large collection of software, and only a portion of it may be relevant to your needs.  Remember that there are many non-medical enterprises that use portions of the VistA software infrastructure.

One of the easiest ways to begin learning about VistA and its potential for you, is to explore this web site. Be sure to check out our catalogue of VistA Adopters, left, where you will find some links to information about various kinds of enterprises around the world that use VistA.    Don't overlook the little Google "Search" bar at the left, to help you in browsing Hardhats.Org.   Another source of information about VistA (and its software cousin, RPMS) is Vistapedia.net.  And our Links page at the left gives you other paths to investigate.

When you are ready to start running some software on your own machine, go online to get every bit of VistA that can be released to the public via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

Once you have a handle on what VistA is and how you might benefit from it, feel free to ask questions on the Hardhats mailing list. Hardhats is a user community that we hope you will find surprisingly friendly and helpful.

Now start browsing....

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