Medsphere Enhancements to FileMan

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MSC FileMan is an extension of VA FileMan, produced for Medsphere Systems Corporation by George Timson, who was the original programmer of VA FileMan.

MSC FileMan includes all of the functionality of VA FileMan, and is designed to be backwards-compatible with any database created within VA FileMan.  Indian Health Service (IHS) and DSS mods to VA FileMan are also included here.

MSC FileMan incorporates many bug-fixes to VA FileMan, and adds significant new capabilities, including an 'internationalized' data dictionary, and a mouse-enabled ScreenMan.  The "readme.txt" file details several other enhancements.

Medsphere makes MSC FileMan available as open-source software, under a GNU LGPL license that prohibits third parties from copyrighting or selling the MSC FileMan enhancements.  Downloading of this suite of 795 MUMPS routines implies acceptance of the terms of the license.  Neither Hardhats, the Department of Veterans Affairs, nor Medsphere is in any way responsible for errors or omissions in this suite of software.

book"Readme" documentation

    Download Medsphere enhancements to FileMan in Cache format
                           (updated 5 June 2014)



MSC FileMan 1049 includes forthcoming VA Patch DI*22.0*170. It also corrects a number of bugs discovered by the "FLAP" Project.  Please see the 'Readme' documentation link above.