VA Fileman - Classic:   
Add Entry to a File FILE^DICN  
Compile Crossreferences ^DIKZ  
Compile Input Template ^DIEZ  
Compile Print Template ^DIPZ, EN^DIPZ  
Compile Sort Template ^DIOZ  
Data Dictionary List EN^DID  
Edit a File Entry ^DIE  
Enter/Edit File Entries EN^DIB  
File Access ^DIAC  
FM Programmer P^DI, Q^DI  
FM Date Selector ^%DT  
FM Date Operations tag^%DTC  
Internal to External Date DD^%DT, ^DD("DD")  
Lookup/Add File Entries ^DIC, IX^DIC, MIX^DIC1  
Message Loader EN^DDIOL  
Print Data EN1^DIP  
Print Template Display ^DIPT  
Reader ^DIR  
Search File Entries EN^DIS  
Sort Template Display DIBT^DIPT  
Text Editing EN^DIWE  
Wait Message WAIT^DICD  
Word Processor Formatter/Print ^DIWP, ^DIWW  
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VA Fileman - Database Server
Data Checker CHK^DIE()  
Data Retriever GETS^DIQ()  
Data Retriever, Single $$GET1^DIQ()  
Date Converter DT^DILF()  
DD Attribute Retriever $$GET1^DID()  
DD Field Retriever FIELD^DID()  
DD File Retriever FILE^DID()  
Filer FILE^DIE()  
Finder FIND^DIC()  
Finder, Single Record $$FIND1^DIC()  
Lister LIST^DIC()  
Updater UPDATE^DIE()  
Word Processor Filer WP^DIE()  
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Device Management
Close Device ^%ZISC  
Device Availability DEVOK^%ZOSV  
Device Selector ^%ZIS  
Open HOME Device HOME^%ZIS  
Host File Close CLOSE^%ZISH(handle)  
Host File Delete $$DEL^%ZISH()  
Host File Open OPEN^%ZISH()  
Host File into a Global $$FTG^%ZISH()  
Global to Host File $$GTF^%ZISH()
Open TCP connection CALL^%ZISTCP(...)  
Reset Home Device Variables RESETVAR^%ZIS  
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Interactive User Options tag^XMXAPIU
Mailbox and Basket Action API's tag^XMXAPIB  
Message Action API's tag^XMXAPI  
Message Editing tag^XMXEDIT  
Message Security tag^XMXSEC  
Message Utilities tag^XMXUTIL  
NetMail Programmer ^XMC  
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Menu Management
Add an Option to a Menu $$ADD^XPDMENU  
Rename an Option RENAME^XPDMENU  
Test an Option ^XQ1  
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Clear all variables except Kernel KILL^XUSCLEAN  
Encrypt Data String EN^XUSHSHP  
Hash Electronic Signature Code HASH^XUSHSHP  
Output Message during Signon SET^XUS1A  
Programmer Halt H^XUS, ^XUSCLEAN  
Signon - Programmer ^XUP  
Signon - User ^XUS, ^ZU  
Site Parameters $$KSP^XUPARAM(param)  
User Status Report ^XUS91  
Validate Access and Verify Codes ^XUVERIFY  
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TaskMan Monitor ^ZTMON, EN2^ZTMON  
TaskMan Start ^ZTMB  
TaskMan Restart RESTART^ZTMB  
TaskMan Stop STOP^ZTMKU  
TaskMan - Stop One SMAN^ZTMKU(node)  
TaskMan - Check Environment ^ZTMCHK  
TaskMan - Place in Wait WAIT^ZTMKU  
TaskMan - Remove from Wait RUN^ZTMKU  
TaskMan, Queue Status ISQED^%ZTLOAD  
Task, Queue a ^%ZTLOAD  
Task, Delete KILL^%ZTLOAD  
Task, Requeue REQ^%ZTLOAD  
Task, Unschedule DQ^%ZTLOAD  
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Miscellaneous Utilities
CPRS Parameters ^XPAREDIT  
Editor X ^%Z  
Error Trap ^%ZTER  
Error Trap Display ^XTER  
Error Log Purge ^XTERPUR  
Functions - Date tag^XLFDT()  
Functions - Math tag^XLFMTH()  
Functions - Measurement tag^XLFMSMT()  
Functions - String tag^XLFSTR()  
Functions - Trigonometric tag^XLFHYPER()  
Functions - Utility tag^XLFUTL()  
Routine - Calculate Checksum ^XTRCMP  
Routine Cross-Referencer ^XINDEX  
Routine Compare ^XTRCMP  
Routine - Create Integrity Checker ^XTSUMBLD  
Routine Delete ^%ZTRDEL  
Routine - First Line List ^%ZTP1  
Routine Patches ^%ZTPTCH  
Routine Print ^%ZTPP  
Start RPC Broker STRT^XWBTCP(port)  
Stop RPC Broker STOP^XWBTCP(port)  
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