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The Mailing List

The Mailing List
The Hardhats mailing list offers you a free medium of participation in the worldwide virtual community of VISTA technologists. Be aware that postings to this group are not moderated before being posted. This means you must exercise proper judgement in what you post. Keep in mind that this is a mail group provided by Google and message content is kept in a searchable archive.

For example,

  1. Be EXTRA careful to not violate HIPAA rules by posting messages with information that can identify a patient. If you feel someone has violated HIPAA, privately notify the individual who posted the message as well as this list admin immediately so the message can be removed.
  2. No inappropriate pictures are allowed.
  3. Do NOT slander or otherwise malign an individual or group. Personal attacks are not tolerated.
  4. Respect the opinions and rights of others.
  5. No use of foul or offensive language will be tolerated.

In order to post to the mailing list, the sender's address must be a recognized subscriber. (It is possible to subscribe from multiple addresses to allow more convenient posting and receive mail from the listing at any of the addresses, most typically one.)

You may subscribe in two ways:

  1. You may visit the web page for the mailing list and then join, using a link on that page. This requires you to setup an account, but it also gives you greater control over your subscription.
  2. Send a message to from the address you will use when posting. You will receive a message that tells you how to confirm your subscription. Once you have completed the steps in that message, you will be subscribed.

To keep the mailing list as productive as possible, PLEASE, search the archives to see if your questions have already been answered. For instance, many of the typicals questions about getting, installing and configuring the VistA software have already been asked and answered. If you find the archives don't provide the assistance you need, feel free to ask on the mailing list.

To post a message to the list, you must have first subscribed (see above). The mailing address of the list is (Notice, we didn't make that address a link because we want to encourage you to subscribe before you post... <wink>).

To read and search the archive of the current mailing list, follow the link below. (You may also search messages directly on the list, so use the method you prefer. As we learn more about Googlegroups, we will see if the site is necessary.)

  Current Mailing List Archive (August 2006 to the present)

To read and search the previous Hardhats archives on the web, visit the link below.

  First Mailing List Achive (beginning through August 2004)

  Second Mailing List Archive (August 2004 to August 2006)

Here are some typical scenarios of failed postings and their resolution.

  • You are getting a message telling you that your post did not make it to the list because you are not a subscriber. No posts will be accepted from non-subscribers.  (See instructions above to subscribe). If you have already subscribed, then determine why the sender's address on your message doesn't match the one that was used to subscribe.
  • Your message is rejected because it is too large for the mailing list.  This can happen if your reply to a message has a long, long list of previous responses embedded in it.  Another common cause is trying to attach a file that causes it to exceed the limits.

If you are unable to resolve your problem after reviewing the above scenarios, please email one of the list admins identified below. Those spammers forced us to go low tech on giving you these addresses.

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