FileMan Patch to allow 1995 M[UMPS] syntax

What the patch does

It allows FileMan's "MUMPS parser" to recognize M[UMPS] input strings that contain 1995 syntax such as

What the patch doesn't do

The parser does not support certain syntax permitted by the 1995 Standard:

How to get the patch

Click here to download a 16Kb file 'DIM.RTN'

This patch replaces the five routines DIM, DIM1, DIM2, DIM3, and DIM4 in any Version of VA FileMan. The patch is in the form of an uncompressed file, output from a DTM system ("%rsave") in "MSM/DSM" format.

Questions regarding this patch should be directed to this site, not to the VA. The patch is made available you, as a visitor to on an "as is" basis.

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