Set and Kill Logic Close window button

FileMan executes the logic of a cross-reference when the values of any fields that make up the cross-reference are edited. FileMan first executes the kill logic, and then the set logic.

In the set and kill logic, you can assume that the DA array describes the entry number of the record to be cross-referenced. The X(order#) array contains cross-reference values after the transform for storage is applied, but before the truncation to the maximum length. The variable X equals X(order#) of the lowest order number.

The X1(order#) array contains the old cross-reference values, and the X2(order#) array contains the new cross-reference values. If a record is being added, and there is an X1(order#) array element that corresponds to the .01 field, it is set to null. When a record is deleted, all X2(order#) array elements are null.