VA FileMan V. 22 Key and Index Tutorial
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Environment Setup

M (MUMPS) Test Account and Tutorial Test File

An M test account is required, which runs VA FileMan Version 22.0, to take the lessons in this tutorial. You will also need to install a test file referred to as ZZINDIVIDUAL that contains some sample data. You will use the test file in the exercises in this tutorial to create and experiment with your own keys and indexes.

A set of A6AKIT routines are provided to install the tutorial test file on your M system. You can use one of the following methods to retrieve the A6AKIT routines.

Method 1.  Use the appropriate FTP utility to retrieve the text host file A6AKIT.RTN from the San Francisco anonymous directory:

OI Field Office
FTP Address
Host File Name

San Francisco

Method 2.  Download the A6AKIT.RTN file directly from this page:

Step 1. Right click on the following icon:

Download A6AKIT routine

Step 2. Select Save As Target As...

Step 3. In the Save As dialog box, select a directory in which to save the file. Accept A6AKIT.RTN as the file name, and the Text Document as the type.
Note: After you've completed this step, please check the file name on your computer. If the save process appended a TXT extension to the end of the file (e.g., A6AKIT.RTN.TXT), simply delete it. Your file name should look like this: A6AKIT.RTN.

Step 4. If necessary, use the appropriate FTP utility to move the text host file A6AKIT.RTN to your M system.

Once retrieved, you can use your M operating system's routine restore utility to load the routines A6AKIT, A6AKIT1, and A6AKIT2 from the A6AKIT.RTN file into your M account.

See Lesson 1, Exercise 1.1. Create Your Test File for instructions on how to run the A6AKIT routine to create your personal copy of the tutorial test file.

See the Appendix section of this tutorial to see the data dictionary for the tutorial test file and the file entries that it contains.

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Reviewed/Updated: March 20, 2007